Tech Tips for Knights

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Tech Tips for Knights

Devpaul Chani, Writer

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As a student, you often have to deal with computers as part of completing assignments whether that means writing papers, doing research, or working on homework on Google Classroom. While working on computers, it can be incredibly helpful to know some basic computer shortcuts. Some are incredibly useful and others are simply cool or fun. Here are my favorites:


  1. Selecting the address bar in your browser. This one is useful for quickly going to a

different website or searching something without moving your mouse cursor.

For Mac: Command + L

For PC: Ctrl + L

  1. Taking a screenshot. Often it’s helpful to capture an image of what you’re working on.

For Mac: Command + Shift + 3

For PC: PrtScr (the key in the top right of your keyboard) then Paste (Ctrl

+ V) wherever you want

  1. Refreshing a webpage. For when you’re anxiously awaiting that email response from

your teacher, this can be a helpful shortcut.

For Mac: Command + R

For PC: Ctrl + R or F5

  1. Shortcut to grammar and spelling check. Honestly, who doesn’t need this, outside of Mr.

Practically-Perfect-in-Every-Way Connolly?

For Mac and PC: F7

  1. Switch between open programs. This tool comes in handy when navigating between

open screens gets confusing. Using this shortcut helps for speedy switches between tasks.

For Mac: Command + Tab

For PC: Alt + Tab

  1. Reopen previous tab in browser. Have you ever accidentally closed the browser tab

you were looking at and had to spend time backtracking to find it again? This shortcut will restore that page instantly.

For Mac: Command + Z

For PC: Ctrl + Shift + T

  1. Document text formatting. Taking text through copying and pasting can result in odd transition between text formats. Try using this shortcut to match the text formatting of the destination document.

For Mac: Shift + Option + Command + V

For PC: Ctrl + Shift + V
Have fun with your newfound tech savviness!

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