Top Five Tips On Getting Through High School

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Top Five Tips On Getting Through High School

Cameron Scott, Writer

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Through all the drama, stress, and chaos that high school brings, there are ways to get through it. Being a senior, and having just about made it through, my goal is to make it easier for those who haven’t made it there yet. Whether you are an eighth grader about to start your journey, or you are a junior just trying to make it to senior year, here is my guide to you.
5. Surround yourself with the best possible people. The people you hang out with is huge in high school; therefore, associate yourself with friends who have the same goals as you and ones that want you to succeed just as much as you do. Positive people will amount to a positive outcome.
4. Develop relationships with all your teachers. Becoming closer with your teachers is the key to being successful in the classrooms. They appreciate students who care and are willing to learn and excel. Also, they will do everything in their power to help you out.
3. Be involved in as many school activities as possible. Join clubs and sports, even if they aren’t your forte. This will allow you to meet people you didn’t know, and you may even become aware of a talent you have that you never knew about.
2. Don’t become obsessed with social media. It’s alway fun to have around, but don’t let it take over who you are. It’s always better to live in the moment, rather than in a screen! Plus, it can get you in trouble if it you abuse its powers.
1. Always be positive! There are going to be times when you’re stressed out because of homework, friends, grades, etc; however, just remember that everyday in high school you make memories that you’ll never forget. Cherish those because it flies by, and before you know it you’ll be graduating wishing you could do it all over again.
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