90s Mazda Miata: A Perfect Car for New Drivers

London Sonnier, Writer

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Hey there JPII freshman and sophomores! We all know you’re excited to get into the world of driving, but have you started to think about what you want for a first car? Probably not. Well, let’s get started on one of the first cars I have to recommend for you. Say hello to the Mazda Miata!

This car is great for a student’s first car due to its inexpensive price for an easily modified sports car. It’s extremely easy to find a 90’s Miata online for a price range of $1,000-$5,000, which is fairly cheap for a small sports car. The car is described as, Cheap, RWD, Convertible, Great suspension, parts are cheap, super reliable.”

As someone who has worked on and ridden in a few Miatas, I believe this car to be a lightweight, fun, somewhat fast, and easily modified sports car that is perfect for a new driver or just someone wanting a new project.

In conclusion, this is a tiny car that is very fun and cheap for a first time driver, parts are easily accessible for it, and aren’t very expensive either.

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