Disney Days: Fastpasses

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Disney Days: Fastpasses

Katy Beth Boyers, Editor

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Fastpasses are a great tool that help you enjoy many popular Disney rides without the long waits in line.

Fastpasses have been used at Disney parks since 1999, and have evolved over time into different types, including MaxPass and Fastpass+. Origionally, Fastpasses were little tickets that you could get at different kiosks when you enter the park.

Many people, like my dad, used to have to run all the way to a kiosk and book a fastpass to popular rides before they sold out. You had to keep the little tickets with you until you used them, and then they were taken up as you enter the ride. Fastpasses are used in many rides, especially ones that have a long wait time, like “Soarin” at EPCOT or “Splash Mountain” at the Magic Kingdom.

They help reduce the wait time by letting those with fastpasses enter a shorter line, so instead of waiting for an hour in a ride, you only have to wait for five minutes. It is a great tool that I recommend everyone that is planning a trip to Disney should get.

In the digital world today, Fastpasses can be booked before you arrive at Disney, and are saved in your Magic Band, an electronic bracelet that hold your park ticket, Fastpasses, Photopass, and money. Today, they are called Fastpass+ and you can book your Fastpasses 30-60 days out from your Disney trip. If you are staying off property and you already bought your park tickets, you can book your Fastpasses 30 days out from the day you are going to the parks. If you are staying on property, like my family is, you can book your Fastpasses 60 days out from your check-in date.

When booking Fastpasses, you can book three Fastpasses for three different rides. You can only book three Fastpasses a day, but once you have used all your Fastpasses, you can go to any of the kiosks around the parks and book another Fastpass.

I tip that my family learned at our last Disney trip a few years ago is that te kiosks only have Fastpasses that are available at later times, and do not update every minute. However, if you have the My Disney Experience app, Fastpasses are updated all the time. For example, say you want to book a fastpass, but only “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh” is available around the 2:30-3 o’clock in the afternoon. You can book that Fastpass, which directly links to your Magic Band and My Disney Experience account, and if you look on the app, you may see an opening at 1:30-2 o’clock for “The Haunted Mansion.” Because so many people may not show up around the time of their Fastpasses, you have a better chance of getting a Fastpass for a more popular ride by booking on your phone after you go to a kiosk and just pick a Fastpass.

So, the tip is to go ahead and book whatever Fastpass is available at the kiosk, but then check My Disney Experience on your phone and you can change your Fastpass to another ride and time that is available.

Anyone that goes to Disney as much as my family does knows that Fastpasses are the best tool that everyone visiting the Disney parks should use because it reduces your wait time at different rides, and you are able to ride more attractions than you would if you waited for hours at one ride. Fastpasses have evolved over time along with the parks to help accommodate guests and make their experience worthwhile.

You can find more information on Fastpasses and booking at Walt Disney World’s official website.

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