Things to Do When It Snows

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Things to Do When It Snows

Trey Dorsey, writer

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We all know that snow is a rare thing in Tennessee, so when it does snow, most schools get out. However, you are stuck at home. The best thing to do when it snows can range from staying indoors to finding a big hill and going sledding. Here are my top 10 things to do on a snow day.

10.) Sitting inside with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and watching some TV or a movie:There is nothing more fun than just sitting around a fire with a cup of your preferred drink while watching your favorite movie or show.

9.) Making a snowman: With a snowman, there is really no wrong way to go. Well, maybe if you hit a patch of ice. Nevertheless, it is fun to make a snowman with family or friends.

8.) Racing your friends down a big hill on sleds: If you don’t have a sled, don’t worry. All you need is a tote or lid. Whatever you might have on hand, just have fun with your time off.

7.) Building a snow fort: This can be a time to show off your best snow fort, or just an excuse for you to shovel off the sidewalk or driveway for your parents or grandparents. After all, you don’t want them falling and breaking a hip.  

6.) Having a snowball fight with friends, neighbors, and family: There is no better pay back than throwing balls of frozen water at friends and family, and, unlike rocks, snowballs don’t break bones.

5.) Playing board games or video games inside: Now I know what you are probably thinking, it’s a snow day! Why would I be inside? Well, you would want to be inside to get warm after a long day of fun in the snow. Besides, what’s more fun than playing a few board games or video games with family and friends?

4.) Making some warm cookies: I love warm, fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies on those cold winter days. The best kind of cookies are the ones with a nice cold glass of milk.

3.) Sleeping in because there is no school: What can I say, snow days are the most wonderful time to catch up on some much needed sleep.

2.) Making snow angels: This is a classic snow day activity. I do not think that there are very many people who have not made a snow angel at least once in their lives.

1.) Playing in the snow with your dog: It’s simple, really, snow days and dogs lead to fun times all around.


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