Prom Advice For Guys

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Prom Advice For Guys

Kodong Ajak, Writer

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Prom doesn’t have to be just for girls. It’s a life experience that everyone should take part in, even guys. In this article I will be giving the guys some tips on how to prepare for their big night.

The first thing you want to do is start saving money. By doing this you can easily pay for your tux, car rental, tickets, and any other necessities. You won’t be cramming or trying to get all the needed money at the last minute. Saving money saves you time because you now have a budget to work with, and can figure out what you need and don’t need. Having money also lets you put some aside, for any extra things you may want on prom night.

Ask your prom date in advance. This way she has time to get her plans ready and doesn’t have to rush. Think of a unique way to ask your date. The more creative it is, the more special it becomes for her. Waiting until the last minute to ask makes your date think that she was your last option, and you don’t want to make her feel like that.

Shop early for the things you want for Prom. Shopping early and crossing things off your checklist gives you great deals and peace of mind. Try different things. Add a pop of color to your tux or maybe get a little something extra for your date. This is your night and experience, so you should make it memorable.

Whether you and your friends are renting a simple car or a limo, make sure to reserve your ride in advance so the company isn’t booked. Start coordinating what you want, and when to pick it up.  Again, waiting until the last minute can add stress to your night, which then won’t be as fun as you want it to.

Guys, start attending to your personal hygiene. Although prom is a couple of months way, you should still pick up on some good habits as soon as possible. Make appointments to get your teeth whitened, your hair cut, or other necessities. Overall, just don’t wait until the night before to plan anything you want to do on prom night.


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