Camping Tips

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Camping Tips

Trey Dorsey, writer

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Every year, thousands of people ditch the comfort and convenience of their homes and carry everything they might need on their backs to explore hundreds of miles of backwoods. Some people go camping for fun, others do it to stay fit, and others just go camping to relax and enjoy the fresh air. There are many ways to camp, from sleeping in a hammock, tent, or car, to base camping or backpacking. Over my many years of experience with campouts, I have learned a few tips and tricks to making the experience better and more fun. Here are my top 10 tips and tricks to make your trip safer and more enjoyable, but, first, here’s a bonus tip: try to keep the weight down in your backpack.

10) Start of with gear that’s on the cheaper side. You don’t have to buy the most expensive gear to have a good time.

9) Don’t be afraid to try different brands of gear. Find what you feel good with and would be willing to carry.

8) Plan ahead and prepare. While trying to stay light in terms of weight, carry a couple of things to have and help if you get in a sticky situation.

7) If you plan on having campfires, always carry a full tang knife and a saw to cut firewood with.        

6) Test sleeping in a tent and hammock to see which one you prefer. A good night’s sleep can be the difference between a good time on the trail or a bad one.

5) Always carry a map, compass, and signal mirror so you can find where you are in case you get lost. This way, you can find you way out or signal for help.

4) Eat good meals so you have a good bit of energy to stay going on the trail.

3) Always carry toilet paper. It can be used in more than just one way, i.e as a tissue or to help you start a fire.

2) Don’t over layer when you go to bed just because it’s winter or the nights get extremely cold. It is better to sleep with just a long sleeve t-shirt and long pants than with multiply layers. With too may layers, you will sweat as you sleep, and, if it is cold outside, then you run the risk of hypothermia.

1) Have a waterproof camera to take pictures of your trips and remember the fun you had on them.

Bonus tip: If you need water, get it from a moving stream, and, with any water source, ALWAYS boil the water to get rid of the bacteria before drinking it.  

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