Third Time’s a Charm: The Hard Truth About Junior Year

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Third Time’s a Charm: The Hard Truth About Junior Year

Greta Little, Writer

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Junior year- we’re FINALLY upperclassmen. The halls seem smaller, the teachers seem nicer, and the workload, stress, and responsibilities seem…  heavier? We thought we had it all figured out, but, in actuality, this is the beginning of the last half of our high school career. College e-mails flood our in-boxes, and we have to start finding times to take the standardized tests so we can get into the colleges we’ve been dreaming of attending for years (or more like the college fair three months ago.) This can be a very stressful time for everybody, so instead of killing each other, let’s come up with some ways to keep each other grounded and make it through the nightmare they call “high school.”


1) Find something to look forward to

In order to make it through the day, we’ll need an objective. Whether it’s going to Chick-Fil-A after school, a party on Friday night, or simply hanging out with a good friend or loved one for a few minutes before we head home, having something to be excited for will motivate us to work hard so that we can continue to do these fun things after school. If we can do our school work and still have time to have fun, we will prove to ourselves that we are capable of handling responsibilities effectively.

2) Find a core group of friends

Finding a solid group of friends to get us through tough times will be essential. If we’re having difficulties with anything at all, we can tell a friend that we trust and let them help us; there are just some things we can’t get through alone. If we tell someone and they aren’t supportive of us, then it’s about time to find a new friend.

3) Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials

With the amount of stress that school puts on us, it is easy to forget that homework assignment that we were told about two days ago. If we miss something, it really will be important for us to catch up on what we’ve missed because we will continue to fall further and further behind if we don’t understand what’s going on in the classes we’ve missed.

4) Stay active

Most people at JPII play some kind of sport, so that is a good way to be active and get our minds off of the things that are stressing us out. If we don’t play a sport, maybe we should look into one that we may not have thought we would be interested in. If we’re not really into hardcore working out, then we can try something like dancing or jazzercise that would make working out fun. Do a few squats every day and do a sit-up or two when we wake up in the morning. We should drink a glass of water to kick start our metabolisms and wake us up a little so we can get ready for another fabulous day in the halls of JPII.

5) Don’t take it too seriously

Sure, our high school accomplishments will be a big factor in determining where we go to college, but let’s be real for a second. High school is four years long, and at JPII, we study our butts off to make good grades and our courses are more challenging than any public school I’ve heard of. Sometimes, we deserve a break. Don’t stress about one test or one homework assignment. It’s okay to give up study time for sleep every once in a while. Look at high school in the movies; it’s fun, colorful, and stressful all at the same time, but the characters always make time for fun things on the weekends or an hour or two after school. We should have our fun and not let one bad grade get us down. Making mistakes is part of learning and (as cliche as it sounds) YOLO.

Junior year is a stressful time for everyone, so maybe these tips will help us loosen up and have some fun while we still can. After next year, there are a lot of people we’ll never see again in our lives. Go sit with girl eating lunch by herself and make a new friend; it just might make her day. Girls, if you have a crush on a guy but you’re not quite sure how he feels, ask him if he’d like to go watch the basketball game with you next Friday. Guys, do the same; I’m just saying that the girls can initiate, too! Don’t let the typical stressors of high school be the reason why you don’t spend time with your friends and family. This year, specifically, is very important, but that doesn’t mean that we have to spend every minute of every day with our noses in a book.

This advice goes for all of our students: don’t waste a minute here or you might look back and realize your time at the Shining City on the Hill is almost over.

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