Subway Announces the Termination of the ‘Five Dollar Footlong’ Deal

Armin Charkhkar, Writer

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Heading into 2018-2019 school year, students on a budget are thriving through mediocre and cheap fast food all across the nation; however, Trevor Haynes, CEO of the beloved Subway franchise, broke the news to USA Today that the Five Dollar Footlong deal would be terminated. The shocking news will not leave the franchise with an empty slot; the company plans on replacing the five dollar footlong with healthier options in order to appeal to a larger range of clients. Keeping this switch in mind, one may be turned away by the high pricing of healthier items on the menu, eventually leading to a decrease in sales. Facing rivals such as Which Wich, Firehouse Subs, and Jimmy John’s may indicate the ultimate downfall of Subway’s relevance in today’s society.

Upon receiving such catastrophic news, we decided to inquire the opinions of fellow broke high school students, asking them their opinion and how they think the parting of the five dollar footlong will affect the economy.


Herald: What do you think of Subway taking away the five dollar footlong?

Dominik Rollins: I think it’s an indication of where our economy is going. Healthy foods cost more, and unhealthy foods cost less.

Ben Johnson: People will forget about Subway if they get rid of the deal.

Cuinn Owens: They shouldn’t take it away, it’s their trademark.


Herald: Does this decision drive you towards other sandwich shops, such as Jersey Mike’s or Jimmy John’s, instead of Subway?

Dominik Rollins: No, it’s still cheaper to eat at Subway.

Patrick Callahan: No, Subway sandwiches still taste the same, and I’m willing to pay the amount.

Cuinn Owens: I’d rather eat anywhere else, but it’s not because the sub isn’t five dollars anymore. It’s because it’s not good. Jimmy John’s is fire.


To conclude, it is heartbreaking to see such a beloved franchise dispose of one of their classic deals, and the people have mixed emotions regarding the action. It will be interesting to see what direction the franchise goes in and how they will hold up in comparison to their competitors.

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