Main Street Pub and Eatery Review

Larkin Kruthoffer, Writer

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Main Street Pub and Eatery has outstanding food. I knew that they bought out Pop’s Pizza almost two years ago, and I heard they have been doing very well. I was expecting a small bar and okay food.  I know the Pub has sponsored many events with JPII, and I’ve heard good things about them. I figured there wouldn’t be a lot of food on the menu, since the only food I’ve seen from there is pizza. I went to the Pub with my grandparents for dinner.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was great. Everyone was talking, laughing, and having a good time. The service was great. The waitresses had smiles on their faces and seemed like they cared about the customers. The Pub had a wide variety of foods on their menu, way more food than I was expecting. They had chicken sandwiches the size of your face, Butter Burgers, wings, fresh cut fries, and a ton of other mouth-watering foods.

The food they are best known for is their thin crust pizza. When I asked what’s the best thing on the menu, the waitress told me they sell a ton of pizzas, so I went with the pizza. I took my first bite, and it was the right amount of crunch and soft, the perfect median. It’s the best thin crust pizza I’ve ever had. This is something that you never go wrong with because it is so tasty and delicious.

The first meal I ate there was so good that I wanted something else to take home for later. The waitress offered me the deep fried bologna sliders on a Hawaiian bun roll, and you can pick any cheese you want. I took my sliders home and ate them for dinner. They weren’t burnt or undercooked or anything; they were perfect. I would highly recommend getting the sliders.

My experience at the Pub was great. It’s definitely a place I would return to. It may not seem like the place to bring your family because it’s a smaller place, but with the atmosphere and the amazing service, I would highly encourage bringing your family. If you’re trying to have a nice night with great food, I recommend going to Main Street Pub and Eatery.

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