Top 5 Video Games From Our Generation

Armin Charkhkar, Writer

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The month of November for the Herald on The Hill is “Nostalgic November,” and I feel that nothing is more nostalgic than the video games that shaped our childhood. This list will not pertain to one genre of games, but rather a variety of games that a majority can confirm the impact they made on their younger years.

Number one, Wii Sports. Now, this just focuses on Wii Sports and
Wii Sports Resort. These Wii brand games brought a variety of fun and competitive experiences. They could result in you, your friends, and your family playing bowling and golf for hours on end. This entertainment powerhouse, in its peak, was in just about every household in America. Wii taught everyone about wholesome fun with a multitude of options for everyone.

Number two, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. A personal favorite of mine, this game didn’t reach many, but it definitely brought endless amounts of multiplayer entertainment for those who were able to play it. I can remember various weekends of grinding out this game, which may seem boring, but this game brought such a selection of game modes to partake in. This selection has instilled itself as a generational classic for many and will never be forgotten.

Number three, Mario Kart. An undisputed gem for many generations, Mario Kart is arguably the most well-rounded video game for all people to enjoy. Despite the rage inducing Rainbow Road or getting hit with a banana peel, nothing was more wholesome and enjoyable than getting together with family or friends on a Saturday and enduring endless hours of Mario Kart. How can one not have had a good time while playing this game?

Number four, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Despite being a rather adult game, I can recall a multitude of people obsessing over this action-packed game. In the infamous Grove Street, the adventures the player went through as CJ were arguably ahead of its time. No matter where you look in regards to classic video games of this generation, San Andreas, and the GTA series as a whole, will be present. Thus, San Andreas not only exists as a certified classic, but also as a work of art.

Last but not least, number five, Guitar Hero. This video game was also ahead of its time. Guitar Hero revolutionized interactive gameplay. This selection is in relation to the series as a whole because it is too hard to focus on one specific game in the series. Professional guitarist or not, Guitar Hero gave everyone the chance to really feel like a rock star putting on an electrifying show, even if you’re playing on the easiest difficulty. Despite not attracting as much attention now as compared to its prime, this game is indefinitely unforgettable.

All in all, these games practically shaped our generation of technology as well as our interests. The prime of the late 90s and early 2000s had something of interest for every person and is truly a nostalgic generation to remember.

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