‘The Grinch’ Movie Review

Ethan McLaughlin, Writer

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The Grinch is a Christmas movie that came out in the year 2000. The film’s main character is the Grinch, who is played by Jim Carrey. The dog, Max, played by Frank Welker, stays along the Grinch’s side throughout the movie. The Grinch’s goal in this movie is to ruin Christmas for the whole town of Whoville. When he is in the city trying to ruin Christmas, he is stopped in his tracks by Cindy Lou Who, played by Taylor Momsen.

This film is intended for young kids, but it can also be for teenagers and adults. This is a classic Christmas movie in which the Grinch tries to ruin Christmas. This film is a fantasy comedy and is also based off a children’s picture book. The book and the movie use most of the same rhymes.

All the citizens in the town of Whoville are getting ready for Christmas and celebrating it except for one man, the Grinch. The Grinch is the least likeable person in the town because of the dirty and harmful tricks that he plays on the people. The Grinch finds a 6-year-old girl named Cindy Lou in the post office and ends up saving her life, leading to a newfound friendship between the two. She invites the Grinch to the Christmas Whobilation, which is a Christmas Party hosted by the Mayor of Whoville. At this party, the Grinch continues to beat up on Christmas and tells the people that Christmas is all about presents that everyone will end up throwing away anyways. He then burns down the town’s Christmas tree and causes a lot of chaos in Whoville. The Whos still love Christmas, and the Grinch finds out that he isn’t ruining it for them. He then makes a plan to steal all of their gifts and decorations when they are sleeping. The Grinch goes to throw all of the presents off the mountain, but then he hears the Whos singing Christmas carols. This sparks a desire within him to join them rather than fight them. The gifts cascade down the hill before he can save them from falling, but Cindy Lou comes on a sleigh to save the day and forgives him for what he did. They spend Christmas together, and the town of Whoville forgives the Grinch for his actions.

    This film is liked by a lot of people and is such a great Christmas movie. Everyone loves a great Christmas movie, especially one that ends with an ending like this one. Jim Carrey, who plays the Grinch, makes the movie so much better.

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