Reconnecting With Nature

Trey Dorsey, Writer

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Our everyday lives are a constant motion of go, go, go, and we have very little time to spend away from where we live. Whether you live in a big city like Seattle or a small podunk town in Tennessee, going out into nature can be helpful for both the mind and body. The Romantics thought that nature was the best way to heal yourself. This holds true to some degree. While just going out into nature may not heal your body of physical illness, it can do wonders for your mind. Have you ever been sitting in your room, trying to write a paper for english, and you just cannot focus on how to structure the paper or what evidence to use? This is often a form of writer’s block. An easy way to get rid of this is very simply to get up and walk away, go for a walk, just get your mind off what you are doing, and let your mind relax.

By going out on a walk down the street or into the woods for 30 minutes or an hour, you can clear your head and not get sucked into the endless cycle of addictive YouTube videos or Netflix episodes. Not only does going outside help clear your head when you can’t think anymore, it also gives us the exercise that we need to stay healthy.

The outdoors can help calm you down if you get really mad. The quiet and stillness of the surroundings and the slight movement of the trees foster a peaceful headspace. The animals walking around you trying to figure out what you are can make people uneasy, but the animals are just making sure that you are not a threat to them or their offspring. There are reasons why dogs are used to help blind people and other people with disability.

People often forget what we can gain from nature because they have lived in the city for all of their lives. I have lived in both the city and in the rural area and find that the outdoors are far better for my health because there is not as much pollution in the air. People are always complaining about how they are allergic to pollen. I am not saying that they are not, but what they might just need some time away from the city to reconnect with nature.   

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