Tyler, The Creator: Uncovered

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Tyler, The Creator: Uncovered

Armin Charkhkar, Writer

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While the rising wave of a new era of hip hop has ushered in, it is important to not forget some of the musical pioneers that came before and are still producing high quality music. Most importantly, Tyler, The Creator, former Odd Future founder and affiliate, has been around for a while. Making a statement with his Freshman studio album, Goblin, Tyler presented a vividly unique sound that the rap scene has direly needed. I feel it’s necessary to evaluate the successes in his career.


–  By 2001, Tyler founded Odd Future music collective in 2007 with Casey Veggies, Hodgy, and Left Brain. In November of 2008, they released their first mixtape labeled The Odd Future Tape, and Tyler released his first solo mixtape on Christmas Day of 2009, labeled Bastard, and reached the number 32 spot on the website Pitchfork for Best Albums of 2010

-May 10, 2011, Goblin was released.

– One of the most notable songs off Goblin, labeled “Yonkers”, led Okonma to win Best New Artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.

-Tyler opened for Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show in 2011.

-Odd Future aired their first TV show, Loiter Squad, through Adult Swim.

– He began his clothing line, Golf Wang, in 2011.

-In 2012, Tyler began his own music festival/carnival called Camp Flog Gnaw.

– Odd Future released their album Wolf on April 2, 2013, selling over 90,000 units in the first week.

-In April of 2015, Tyler dropped Cherry Bomb (arguably one of my favorite Tyler albums to this day).

-Tyler had to cancel certain dates of a European tour after being restricted from entering the U.K., which Tyler believes to have been racially driven.

– On June 28, 2017, Tyler released his own television series, Nuts n Bolts, through ViceLand

-On July 21, 2017, Tyler released his latest album Flower Boy, which earned him his second Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album.



It is fair to say that Tyler’s career has been massively successful in just a little over a decade, cementing himself as a rap and overall musical legend. As of now, the latest Tyler, The Creator, hype is surrounding a collaborative album with A$AP Rocky. His career has been far from unsuccessful, as he has been able to dip into almost every source of media and produce consistent content.

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