Hendersonville Utility District Builds Water Tower at Indian Lake Villages

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Hendersonville Utility District Builds Water Tower at Indian Lake Villages

Katy Beth Boyers, Editor

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A new water tower has appeared on Gallatin Road and Saundersville Road in Gallatin. Since then, many people have questioned the purpose of the water tank or how it works.

Roger Boyers, who designed the water tank, explained that water tanks are used to provide storage to meet fluctuations in water us, some storage for firefighting use, and stabilizes pressure on the distribution system. This specific tank holds 1.5 million gallons of water and is fed by a 16-inch diameter water main.

“The water level in the tank is at an elevation that is high enough to permit gravity flow at satisfactory pressures to the system,”Boyers said. “Typically water is pumped to the water tanks from the treatment plant and at times during low usage. The withdrawal of water from the tank typically occurs during high demand periods,.”

Roger Boyers also explained the process of building the water tower.

“For the new Hendersonville Utility District tank, it is a 1.5 million gallon composite elevated water tank,” Boyers noted. “This means the tank that holds the water is constructed of welded steel and sits atop a concrete pedestal. The pedestal is hollow to allow for usage as storage of equipment and supplies by the utility. The new tank is about 109 feet tall from the ground to the high water level in the tank.”

Another question a lot of people have asked is why it is close to Gallatin Road, and Boyers explained that due to the high elevation and the lack of storage in that side of the city, the location was a perfect spot for a water tank.

“We put it where it is based on the ground elevation to limit the height of construction. The taller it is, the more it costs,” Boyers explained.“The area was chosen as there is no storage in that side of the city both east of Drakes Creek and north of Gallatin Road. That is the primary service areas for the tanks.”

The water tank is scheduled to be completed by August 2018.

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