Soccer For The Nations: Giving Everyone A Chance

Cody Phillips, Writer

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Nonprofit organization Soccer for the Nations is a community outreach program that allows kids who don’t have the money to play club or travel soccer a chance to play soccer. Soccer for the Nations is organized by a few members of the nonprofit fan organization The Roadies, who are a fan group for Nashville SC. The two co-directors are Lexi Robinson and Valair Shabilla. Their mission and vision, which can be found on their website, is “to provide the opportunity and support for children to learn and play the game of soccer regardless of their economic status or cultural background.” Their vision states, “We believe soccer can be used in a powerful way to create a space for character building, connecting to the community, cultivating relationships, and for children to feel valued and loved.” They have commented on their team, saying, “Our team is made up of wonderful volunteers that desire to see kids flourishing in new environments as well as in their homes. They are constantly calling other volunteers to this mission and vision as well as seeking to find new ways to connect with local children through the Beautiful Game of soccer. Each team member has diverse backgrounds in soccer, social work, child care, language, and community.”

What Soccer for the Nations does for these kids is great because when kids participate in organized sports, it builds up the teamwork and communication skills that help people get far in life. The kids who play soccer have great times with the coaches and with the leaders of Soccer for the Nations. They all want the kids to improve their soccer skills and team skills.

Soccer for the Nations has two seasons: one from the spring to the summer, and the next from summer into fall. These seasons run with the normal seasons for soccer in the United States, which start in the spring and end in the fall.

The Soccer for the Nations twitter page updates people on how the games are going and always asks for donations to support the kids. These donations go to paying for equipment for the kids so that they can fully participate in the sport despite their financial statuses. Since they are nonprofit, they can only support the kids through donations and volunteers. These kids are given a chance to experience the joys of knowing how to play and being able to play soccer. Former JPII student, ViJay Mueller, comments on how Soccer for the Nations runs and operates, saying, “Soccer for the Nations is such a good cause because it allows underprivileged children to be a part of something that can help create self confidence and make new friends. Often times these children would not get that opportunity to be part of something that is so good for them in so many ways.” What ViJay says here is exactly what the Soccer for the Nations organization is going for.

The organization goes through these public outreaches so they can get donations and volunteers in order to provide equipment and hire coaches. On the Soccer for the Nations Facebook page, a user said, “Great organization that helps immigrant children, through the sport of soccer, to have structured fun in a new country. What this person has said about Soccer for the Nations is what they want everyone to think about the organization. They want people to know what they do for these kids who are unable to pay for expensive clubs and rec leagues.

You can support Soccer for the Nations by donating to their page, volunteering when they need you, educating others about the group and how they can donate or participate, and advocating for Soccer for the Nations so that more and more people can hear about them and help support them in their mission. We believe that Soccer for the Nations is a great organization that everyone should know about and help out with.

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