Mr. Weber Reflects on His Time at JPII

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Mr. Weber Reflects on His Time at JPII

Tally Bevis, Editor

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(Scroll down to listen to Tally’s full interview with Mr. Weber.)

Mr. Faustin Weber has been the headmaster of JPII for seven years now, and as his time as Headmaster comes to a close, the Herald sat down to talk with him about his time here at JPII.

Mr. Weber can often be found in his humble abode, a well lit corner office full of windows, with a comfy couch and sitting area. His chess board holds a prominent position in the corner of the room.

When asked about a normal day as headmaster, Mr. Weber talked about the “abnormality” of his daily job, pointing out that the headmaster position is one that assumes both the president and principal roles. This differentiates JPII from other Catholic high schools, like Father Ryan,  resulting in substantial responsibility both within the school and beyond with outreach programs.

Mr. Weber opened up in an extremely genuine way, stating, “As headmaster, I have to wear both hats, and the headmaster is pulled between the outside and the inside. The students tease me, and rightfully so, that they don’t see me around… I would much rather be in the hallways of JPII all the time than in an office or on the phone or out in the community, but I have to also be the president.”

Mr. Weber reflected on the way so many private high school institutions have the stigma of “being part of the club,” where as he prides himself in JPII’s outward thinking and service-oriented atmosphere surrounding God’s mission. When asked about what JPII’s school motto, “Faith leads us beyond ourselves,” means to him, he commented on the importance of faith as something that is meant to send us out to change the world rather than keep it inside personally.

As the conversation veered toward the new headmaster taking over this fall, Mr. Weber talked about the process, from the national search and the skype interviews, to the school visits for four candidates and the offer. Mr. Weber was extremely complimentary of the new headmaster, Mr. Michael Deely, and framed him as extremely “impressive.” Mr. Weber, when asked about what Mr. Deely should know about the JPII community, responded, “He should know… we have the attitude of ‘Who says we can’t?’ and ‘Who says we have to do it that way?’ I think that will be the biggest challenge for him.”

Mr. Weber continued by talking about the difference between the need for a focus on “policies and procedures” at a larger school as opposed to the focus of an administration based on “friendships and relationships.”

One of the things students will miss about Mr. Weber is his tradition of telling bad jokes during assemblies, usually prompting many smiles and playful jeers from the students. When asked where he finds jokes to share, he opened up about his sources: Reader’s Digest,, and, just to name a few. “It’s kind of fun,” he said. “Kids like to boo, so I give them something to boo.”

When asked for a bad joke, Mr. Weber did not miss a beat. “What goes ‘Ha Ha Ha…Plop’?” he asked. “A man laughing his head off! That’s bad right?” (Quite bad indeed, Mr. Weber.)

Finally, Mr. Weber discussed his future and a few possibilities, including helping another Catholic high school get off the ground in Alabama, or maybe attaining a position in a Texas Diocesean school system. No matter where he ends up, Mr. Weber will have fond memories of his time here at JPII. “I’ll miss this place,” he said. “I really will.”

And JPII will miss him.

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