A Letter to Underclassmen

Kira Niu, Writer

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To all rising sophomores, juniors and seniors:

I don’t know how you have been feeling about this year.

As a junior, I felt the time running much faster than I thought. To be honest, JPII’s daily schedule is pretty full and busy for everybody. Plenty of students sleep for less 6 hours everyday, with the busy schedule making us forget the time as we focus only upon today’s assignments. Every time I wake up on Monday morning, I feel like by the time I blink it is Friday afternoon.

Maybe you used to tell yourself, “I have plenty of time to do this, there is no rush for this assignment.” I am here to remind you, we are going to end the third quarter this week and there are only two months left until you finish this year. Keeping motivated is something you have to do if you want to succeed.

The current seniors are going to start out in college this fall, and the rising seniors are going to the final stage of their high school years. You might not have realized that you are growing and changing, but please start thinking about it now. Time never waits for anybody, and so to accomplish your dreams and goals you must start now.

If you want to get an A in your class, you have to spend time on studying and trying to figure out what you do not understand. If you want to be a team captain in your sport, you have to be a leader now. If you want to compete well in your club, you have to be passionate about your activity now.

To achieve your goals, you can just give up the TV show time and figure out one math question or remember a biology definition. Remember the phrase: no pain, no gain. Tough it out for these last few weeks before spring break and soon enough it will be summer.

GO JPII KNIGHTS! You all can make it!

-Kira Niu, Class of 2017

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