Staff Focus: Lindsey Lavender

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Staff Focus: Lindsey Lavender

Armin Charkhkar, Writer

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Lindsey Lavender is a junior at JPII, and this is her first year being a member of the Herald on the Hill team as an editor. Aside from Online Media, Lindsey plays softball and is a member of the Veritas Council here at JPII. Her sister, Hailey Lavender, attended and graduated from JPII, and her brother, Ty Lavender, will be attending next year. Lindsey is excited for Online Media this year because the class has a unique atmosphere, which is incomparable to any other class that Lindsey has taken.

Armin: What made you want to take Online Media?

Lindsey: Mr. Patton recommended the class to me last year, and I had a free spot in my schedule to fill anyways. It sounded like a really interesting class, and I had friends that were in the class in previous years that had really enjoyed it. Instead of filling my last schedule block with a study hall, I decided Online Media would be a more enjoyable option.

Armin: What’s your favorite part about Online Media so far?

Lindsey: I like reading all of the articles. My primary task is editing, so I get to go through and read all of the articles before they are published. It’s not just going through and adding commas here and there. I actually read the articles for content too, and I end up learning a lot about certain movies or music genres that I didn’t know.

Armin: What made you decide to take on the role of editor?

Lindsey: Mr. Patton told me that he needed a new editor because all of his were graduating, so he offered me that position. A good friend of my sister’s, Sarah Link, was an editor when she attended JPII. I’m a fairly good English student, so I decided that editor would be a good role for me.

Armin: What’s your personal favorite category of stories to read and edit?

Lindsey: I love reading and editing the music reviews the most because I’m really into music. I almost always have music on wherever I go, and I have a little over 20 different playlists on Spotify. Reading the music reviews gives me new genres and artists to check out.

Armin: Do you plan on taking Online Media next year? Why?

Lindsey: I plan on taking Online Media again next year because I have really enjoyed it so far. It’s unlike any other class I’ve taken before. It’s really fun, and if you do what you’re supposed to do, it’s an easy A.

Armin: Apart from editing, do you plan on writing any articles of your own?

Lindsey: Right now, I’m just focusing on getting better at editing to perfection; however, in the future I plan to write a music review or two. I also cook and bake quite often, so I might write an article about that.

Armin: What advice would you give to anyone planning on taking Online Media?

Lindsey: I have recommended this class to many of my friends already. If you do what you’re supposed to do and you get your work done, the class is really fun. There are an endless number of categories to write about, so there’s something for everyone. My number one piece of advice for someone planning on taking Online Media is to stay on task and get your work done relatively quickly. If you get behind, your workload will pile up quickly, and your teachers and editors will not be happy with you.

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