Knights Girls’ Soccer Team Spotlight

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Knights Girls’ Soccer Team Spotlight

Dallas Darden, Writer

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The girls’ soccer team for JPII has started their season. They are four games in, facing Rossview, Independence, Clarksville, and Harpeth Hall. So far the team has a 1-3 record. I had the chance to talk to senior captains Angela Steidl and Olivia Boone.


Herald: What were some of the team goals going into the season?

 Olivia: We aimed to work as a unit and to get a winning track started early in the season.

Angela: We set the goal of growing stronger as a team in general. Last year we didn’t do as much team bonding as we had hoped, so Olivia and I have decided to do more team meals and sleepovers. The bonding will hopefully help build chemistry within the team that will show up on the field and help us win more games and play more collectively.

Herald: How have you taken on a leadership role to the team?  

Olivia: I’ve taken on the role by leading the team in warmups and communicating with the underclassmen to help them anytime they need it.

Angela: I have been selected captain for the second year in a row, which has really furthered my role as a leader. However, while being a leader is really fun and exciting, it’s difficult to keep everyone in check and make sure you’re setting the best example for the younger girls to see.

Herald: What are your personal goals for the season?

Olivia: I want to not only be the best for myself, but also for the whole team.

Angela: My personal goal is to beat Kat White’s goal record. She was a great player that scored around 15 goals in a season, and I want to challenge myself to beat that.

Herald: What would satisfy the team at the end of the season?

Olivia: We would love to be able to qualify for regionals and win. Our team has been strictly underclassmen for the past four years, and it’s been difficult to be able to get wins since our team is so young. We have the winning spirit, we just need to put goals in the back of the net.


Make sure to come out and support your Lady Knights soccer team!

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