Cross Country Interview: Nick Crump

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Cross Country Interview: Nick Crump

Keaton Thornton, Writer

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The JPII Cross Country team’s next meet is Sept. 18 at Sanders Ferry Park. If you are not busy, go and check out the team. Senior runner, Nick Crump, sat down with the Herald to give everyone a little insight on this season and why he enjoys running cross country.

Herald: How is the team looking this year?

Nick: The team is looking really good this year. We have a great group of seniors that are very capable of doing great things. The younger runners are also on track to be great runners for JPII.

Herald: What do you enjoy about running for JPII?

Nick: That’s a great question. Most people hate running but personally, I don’t think there is a better feeling than the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a long meet. Obviously it stinks sometimes when you’re exhausted, but you always feel a lot better about yourself afterwards.

Herald: What team do you look forward to competing against the most and why?

Nick: Easy, Father Ryan. There is nothing better than a good rivalry and I think that everyone knows just how heated our rivalry really is. We’re gonna leave them in the dust.

Herald: Tell us what you think about head Cross Country Coach Mrs. Childress.

Nick: Mrs. Childress is amazing. She pushes all of us to be the best versions of ourselves not only during competition, but also in everyday life. She is a great coach and an even better role model.

Herald: Explain to me what it is like being a student-athlete, and what it is like having school, practice, and homework while trying to find time for your friends and family.

Nick: It’s not always easy being a student and an athlete at Pope. There are many late nights of staying up to finish a paper or any of your other homework assignments. I get to spend time with my family everyday, but the best quality time that I get to spend with my friends and family is mainly on the weekends. It’s a sacrifice that I’m willing to make because of my love for running.

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