Knight Stars Interview: Emma Grace Baxter

Larkin Kruthoffer, Writer

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The Knight Stars have played a very big role in entertainment at JPII. They perform at football games, basketball games, and pep rallies. They are very competitive and perform well in their competitions. Two years ago, the Stars won the State Championship, taking home the trophy. The Stars are striving this year to get back on top. We got the chance to sit down with Emma Grace Baxter, four year dancer and senior leader of the Knight Stars, to talk about what the team’s future looks like this year.

Herald: What does the season look like for the Knight Stars?

Emma: This season is full of new opportunities for the Knight Stars.

Herald: Are there any specific dancers that play a big role on the team?

Emma: Honestly, all the dancers on the team play big roles. Each person is needed to make the routine look the way it’s supposed to. Obviously, some people work harder than others, but overall the team would not be the same if we had one less dancer.

Herald: What’s a typical week like at practice?

Emma:  Practice is becoming even more driven and focused than last year because we are going to bigger competitions and being held to higher standards. We still have fun and joke with each other, but when it’s time to get serious, we work hard. Game days are particularly challenging and very long for us dancers. We will sometimes have a pep rally performance during the school day, then after school, we have two practices before our game performance. Our weeks may be long and tiring, but it all pays off to have such a great team and amazing routines.

Herald: What was it like for the team to win State two years ago?

Emma: It was absolutely amazing and such a rewarding experience. Knowing that the seniors that year fought for the opportunity to dance at State, I had to work twice as hard leading up to the competition because I didn’t have some of the skills that our difficult routines required. Right when they announced that we won, tears started streaming down my face because all of my hard work, frustration, and loooong practices paid off in the end. Not to mention that our coach told us that we would be very lucky to even place in the top three rankings. Our determination as a team earned us our first and second place titles.

Two great back to back seasons of nothing but hard work and determination have the Stars in high spirits. We will see how that comes into play this year when they attack the 2018-2019 season. Don’t forget to come out and cheer on your Knight Stars!

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