Faculty Focus: Lori Jones

Larkin Kruthoffer, Writer

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Lori Jones is the Executive Assistant to the Headmaster. She plays a vital role in keeping JPII in tact. Her job is to help the school and Mr. Deely stay organized. Mrs. Jones also sends out all the emails to the students and faculty about school information, upcoming dates, and events. The Herald on Hill got a chance to sit down and talk with her about JPII.


Herald on the Hill: What do you like about your job?

Mrs. Jones: I like the variety of things I do and that every day brings different challenges.

Herald on the Hill: How long have you worked here?

Mrs. Jones: This is my 14th school year.

Herald on the Hill: How do you like being Mr. Deely’s 2nd hand man?

Mrs. Jones: Since 2005, I’ve worked in several areas. I started in the admissions office, moved to the advancement office, worked in marketing and communications, and landed in the headmaster’s office six years ago. This position is a great fit for me. I really like being Mr. Deely’s 2nd hand man. I like that he depends on me to help him make his job easier.

Herald on the Hill: What do you look forward to coming into the school year?

Mrs. Jones: A new school year is full of energy and excitement. It brings new challenges and projects, which I love.

Herald on the Hill: What is your favorite part about being an administrator?

Mrs. Jones: My favorite part is that I know at least a little bit about most things happening in the school. I like being able to see the big picture. I like knowing how all things come together to make the school run smoothly.

Herald on the Hill: What is the most memorable experience working at JPII?

Mrs. Jones: Well I have a new memory now that I will never forget. That’s when Larking Kruthoffer, my grandson, caught the touchdown pass that won the game against Father Ryan in overtime in 2018! That was the most exciting moment of my experience at JPII. Watching him celebrate brought tears to my eyes.

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