Senior Spotlight: Chase Petty

Ben Nixon, Writer

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      Chase Petty is a senior at Pope John Paul II High School. He is 17 years of age. Chase has been a member of the football team since he was a freshman.  During his freshman year playing football, Chase suffered a severe injury to his knee. He tore his ACL, and his freshman season was over. Chase went through a lot at that time, like trying to get healthy and manage school. During the winter of his freshman year, he started rehab, and he worked tirelessly to get back on the field. In his sophomore year, he bounced back and was able to be a big help to the football team at the TE position. Chase started at TE in his sophomore and junior year. Then, in his senior year, he was asked by the coaches to become an offensive tackle, and he did.

      Chase has an awesome personality and great character. He is funny, and everytime people are around him, he will have at least one person laughing. When people talk about Chase, it is nothing but good things that come out of their mouths. Chase said, “I get my comedy from my dad.” I asked his friend and teammate, Dallas Darden, his opinion of Chase, and he said, “On a scale from 1 to 10, Chase is about an 11.” This is just one example of how funny and cool Chase is.

     Chase has great leadership skills. He proves this through his position as the captain of the football team. This is a vote selected by his fellow teammates, and Chase won by a landslide. Chase is the type of guy who will say what’s on his mind and doesn’t care if anyone thinks he is a bad guy. If he sees someone getting picked on, he will stop it quickly, even if the bully doesn’t like him anymore after that. Chase will put his life on the line any day for any of his teammates, and this is why he is a captain.

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