How a Teacher Stole Valentine’s Day

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How a Teacher Stole Valentine’s Day

Katy Beth Boyers, Editor

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Based on a True Story

Everyone at JPII loved Valentine’s Day, but Mr. Saul Paboe, who lived in the school, did not. He hated Valentine’s, the whole pointless holiday. “I must stop this holiday from happening,” he said, contemplating at his desk.

One Valentine’s Day, as he made his usual walk down the hallways, hunting down children of course, he noticed one kid standing beside a large teddy bear, a box of chocolates, and an enormous card. He paused for a moment, and with a sly grin, he took the teddy bear without the kid noticing. Mr. Paboe yelled, “It’s mine now!” as the kid sped-walked after him.

The kid followed Paboe to his neat classroom. When Mr. Paboe walked in, he immediately locked the door. The kid did not wait long, as Mr. Paboe was out, returning to his morning routine. The kid took this chance, ran into his classroom, grabbed his teddy bear and chocolates, and out he was, quick as the Flash!

After walking around the school once, Paboe returned to his room, where there was no teddy bear or chocolates to be found! With rage he yelled, “Winston! Get that bear back! Don’t eat the chocolate though!”

Winston sat in front of him, wagging his tail. Mr. Paboe sighed and walked out of the classroom with his little partner-in-crime following him. As he made his way down the stairs, he saw the teddy bear all alone. He walked by and picked it up, and he noticed that a large black backpack was tethered to it. “No problem. I’ll just take his backpack too,” Saul Paboe said, and off he walked with the teddy bear and the kid’s backpack.

Mr. Paboe looked back at the student, who seemed frustrated, and said,“It was your fault for tying it to your backpack! Now you won’t get your backpack back either.”

Then, Mr. Paboe unlocked a closet door and placed the backpack and teddy bear inside the dark room. Then, he took the kid’s phone that he was holding, and he put it in another classroom. He closed the doors, locked them, and walked away with Winston still following him.

The kid knew he had to get his backpack and teddy bear back because his girlfriend would be there soon. He saw another teacher, who was kind enough to help him unlock the doors and get his gifts back.

When Mr. Paboe walked back down the hallway, expecting to see the student still wandering around, he saw him sitting beside the teddy bear, box of chocolates, and large card. He finally noticed what was written on the card. In bold letters it read: “For my Valentine.”

In that moment he felt his heart grow three sizes. He finally understood the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. It was not about the gifts and chocolates, but the love that comes from that.
Maybe Valentine’s Day, he thought, doesn’t come from the gifts. Maybe Valentine’s means a little bit more.

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