Mr. Thomas Vows To Address Uniform Violations

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Mr. Thomas Vows To Address Uniform Violations

Kellen Barham, Writer

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Last week it was a dawn of a new age in JPII’s uniform policy. Mr. Thomas made it clear that he was cracking down on uniforms, holding an assembly to inform students of the changes. During his speech, Mr. Thomas announced a new school motto: “Be in proper uniform, or go to the hospital.”

“I think the message is pretty clear,” Thomas told the Herald. “No one likes going to the hospital. But I don’t like when your shirt is untucked.”

Mr. Thomas has recently been going into classrooms to check uniforms, but he is not alone. In one hand, he holds a snarling German Shepherd named Cupcake, and in the other, a pitbull named Bon Bon. The addition of these two “aids” to the student life team has led to a complete turn around, as students have generally been in proper uniform.

“Sometimes I forget to shave, and my hair might be touching my collar,” said senior Kyle Anthony. “But does that mean I should be attacked by dogs?”

Whether it is fair or not, the new policy has definitely been effective. Senior Garrett Bennett said he is very aware of the new consequences and is doing his best to avoid them.

“I used to walk around with my headphones around my neck,” Bennett said. “That way I could listen to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ whenever I wanted to. But I don’t know if that’s legal, and I don’t want to find out. I don’t want Mr. Thomas to let his dogs out.”

Mr. Thomas said he is pleased with the way students have responded.

“Personally I am a cat guy,” Thomas said. “But I knew Toby would not get the job done. I thought, ‘Go big, or go home,’ right? So I got Cupcake and Bon Bon.”

At press time, Mr. Thomas was entering Online Media class for a surprise inspection, and senior sports editor Holden Carter was seen furiously cutting his own hair.

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