Five Tips for How to Survive Exams

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Five Tips for How to Survive Exams

Jack Julow, writer

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As Pope is in the midst of AP exams, many students are experiencing higher than average stress levels. With review guides, final tests, and the actual exams, students have plenty to worry about. Thankfully, the Herald has come up with some helpful tips for our vast readership. Here are five tips to help you survive these stressful times.

  1. The first important step in the process is accepting this is the end. Exams mark an important moment for the youth, as they realize their potential. Many students will simply not have what it takes. So, I advise all the underachievers out there to realize that there are no more steps to take at the end of the plank. View this moment as freedom from the regime that is standardized testing.
  2. The next important step to succeed is sacrificing your social life. Why eat lunch with friends, when you can spend them at tutorials cramming nonsensical information? In times like these, people must survive and develop relationships with teachers by sucking up in order to achieve the glorious grade that will please your parents and college counselors, but not you.
  3. Another important habit is to stop eating. Studies that have not been peer-reviewed support the theory that lower consumption of essential nutrients allow for better scholastic performance. Evidence proves that eating nothing will make students perform better on their exams. Why get a healthy, balanced breakfast, when you can get a good grade? Study more, eat less: Pope John Paul II.
  4. Coffee! And none of those fake Starbucks lattes or Teavana’s. I’m talking about black coffee. I’m talking about an IV setup with black coffee over saline solution. Resting for even a moment shows weakness and gives off the impression of failure.  
  5. And the most important step is to sleep. Psych! Nine hours? Nada. Seven Hours? Try Again. Five Hours? Boo hoo. Three Hours? Wrong once more. One hour? Hahahahahahaha! Sleep does not exist at Pope, along with vaping and littering of lunch trays.

In all seriousness, good luck on all your exams. Remember to take care of yourself and not let the stress get too overwhelming.

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