United States Curling Team Upsets Canada

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United States Curling Team Upsets Canada

Holden Carter, Writer

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The Canadian mens curling team, who are three-time defending Olympic gold medalists, were heavy favorites against the United States in Thursday’s semifinal matchup. However, the Americans showed no fear, defeating the Canadians 5-3 to advance to the gold medal round against Sweden. This is an incredible upset, considering the U.S. has never beaten Canada at the Olympics and hadn’t made the podium since the 2006 Turin games, when it won a bronze medal.

The U.S. curling success is especially special for John Shuster, the team’s captain. Shuster was benched during 2010 Olympics in Vancouver because of his poor performance.

“I just decided that, 50 years from now, maybe I’m long gone, when my kids are showing my grandkids video from the Olympics, I don’t want all my videos to be me failing,” Shuster said.

In the eighth end of the match against Canada, the teams were tied 2-2. Canada had the “hammer,” or the final shot. Kevin Koe, Canada’s captain, threw the stone too lightly, coming up short of the target called the “house.” This mistake would prove to be a turning point in the match. The Americans had two stones in the house and earned a 4-2 advantage.

Shuster sealed the win for the Americans when he knocked the lone Canadian stone out of the center of the house in the 10th end, making the score 5-3.

The United States will take on the Swedes in the gold medal game.

“They’re a fantastic curling team,” Shuster said. “We’re going to have some fun and put on a show, and may the best team win.”

Some are calling the United States curling defeat of Canada “The Miracle on Ice, Part II.” Others are just hoping the team can earn one final victory.

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