March Madness: Bubble Teams

Nick Zanger, Writer

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March Madness is almost here! Like all years, there are a few teams that need wins on the last weekend to secure spots for the tournament. There are also teams that need a big week in their conference tournaments as well. Here are some bubble teams.


Listed as one of Joe Lunardi’s “Last Four In,” the Longhorns have a massive game against number 20 West Virginia. A win for Texas would almost certainly put them in the tournament, assuming they don’t get upset early in the Big 12 tournament. However, if they were to lose to West Virginia, they will need to make a deep run into the Big 12 tournament to solidify their position.


Also currently a “Last Four In” team, the Trojans have a massive game against rivals UCLA, who are one of the “First Four Out.” Both teams need a win and a deep run in the PAC 12 tournament to make the tournament.


The Crimson Tide currently sit with one of the “Last Four Byes.” However, with a big game against Texas A&M this weekend, the Tide could bolster their position in the tournament or be in a position where a deep run in the SEC tournament would be a necessity.

St. Bonaventure

If the Bonnies lose before their conference semifinal, they have no chance to make it as an “At Large” team. A loss this weekend seals their fate, while a win puts them one step closer to the big dance.

Arizona State

Like the other PAC-12 teams, the Sun Devils, formerly ranked number 3 in the country, are in desperate need of a win and a fairly deep run in the conference tournament. An upset could very easily end their season.


With the Bears winning a lot of big games over the last two months of the season, they might survive a loss this weekend to Kansas State, as long as they do not lose early in the Big-12 tournament. They will probably need to pull one upset.


A win is desperately needed this weekend for the Big Orange. An upset over number 18 Clemson and another upset of a ranked team in the ACC tournament could give Syracuse a tournament bid.

Notre Dame

The Irish need to win the rest of their games. Meaning they need to win the ACC tournament to get in the dance, or at least make it to the ACC championship game and hope they beat at least three ranked teams along the way. This would give them a very good resume over the top 25, and with the return of star forward Bonzie Colson, it would make the selection committee view them as a team at full strength. If they were to get in, they would not be the ideal team to play in the first round.

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