United States Defeats Mexico In Suspenseful Soccer Game

Cody Phillips, Writer

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In the 71st minute left back Antonee Robinson, of Wigan Athletic, crosses the ball into the box for the U.S. men’s national team. The American Outlaws all wait in anticipation as the ball seems to move in slow motion. The ball passes the first man in the box, the Outlaws gasp as they thought the scoring chance was over. Then Tyler Adams, of the New York Red Bulls, makes a late run in the box and finishes the cross; the U.S. fans go crazy as they are now ahead in the game 1 to 0 against Mexico.

The U.S. had just came from a 2-0 loss to Brazil on Sept. 7, 2018. I knew that the U.S. would be raring to go as this is the game every U.S. player wants play in because of the rivalry between the two teams. It was a beautiful day for soccer as my dad, my brother-in-law, his friend, and I walked across the Korean Vets Blvd bridge. As we got closer to Nissan Stadium, I could just feel the environment around me changing, as everyone was chanting and shouting. When we finally got into the stadium, we went down to our seats, which were right next to the Outlaws, and waited for the players to come out to warm up. The players eventually came out, starting with goalies Ethan Horvath and Zack Steffen of Club Brugge KV and Columbus Crew SC respectively. The rest of the players followed them onto the field as they warmed up for 30 minutes and went back to the locker rooms to get ready for the game. At this point the Outlaws were at full force, chanting and yelling their hearts out, and I was as well. The teams come out and sing their national anthems, and then go out onto the field for kickoff.

The U.S. played a good first half as each team had their chances. In the 16th minute Mexico had a corner, which came in as Edson Alvarez got a head on the ball, forcing Zack Steffen to make an outstanding save. The game went quiet until Weston McKennie of FC Schalke 04 had to come off in the 40th minute due to an injury, which was later disclosed as a bruised left knee. He came off for Julian Green of SpVgg Greuther Fürth. After 45, halftime was called and players went back into the locker rooms. At this point I can say that I was definitely worried whether or not the U.S. could win or even draw the game. I also was talking about how terrible the refs were as they were the most inconsistent, garbage refs I have seen in a long time. The players then came out of the locker rooms and kicked the game back off, trying to get a good result for the fans. The U.S. started the half off well with some good chances. Then in the 56th minute, Eric Lichaj of Hull City came off for Antonee Robinson. Then in the 62nd minute, USA had a great chance as Robinson put a cross in for Gyasi Zarde of Columbus Crew SC, but Gyasi missed the ball by inches, drawing a disappointed gasp from the fans. The next greatest thing besides the goal happened in the 65th minute as the teams got into a fight because of Matt Miazga of Nantes FC. He and a Mexican player got into an altercation because Matt made fun of his height. The player was 5’6 and Miazga is 6’4. In the 68th minute, just minutes after the fight, Mexico got a red card after a horrendous tackle on Wil Trapp. In the 71st minute, the goal was scored by Tyler Adams with the play starting from the left with Tim Weah of PSG and Antonee Robinson. The stadium went crazy when he scored the goal, knowing that we should win the game now. The game finally ended after 19+ suspenseful minutes.

Overall the game was great. The Mexico fans were a great crowd to have at Nissan Stadium, enhancing the atmosphere with their presence. The game was one of the best I’ve seen live in a while, especially since it was a rivalry game.

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