March Madness: Only A Few Weeks Away!

Ethan McLaughlin, Writer

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February is coming to a close, and that means that March Madness is right around the corner, starting in just a few short weeks. March Madness is the best time of the year for NCAA basketball. The NCAA tournament starts with the 64 best teams in college. These teams will be a 1-16 seed based on how they do in the regular season. They will have to fight to make it all the way. Usually the top four seeds are the ones who win it all, but there are some lower seeds who will make it far into the tournament every once in a while. The bubble teams are always teams that have the ability to make some noise in the tournament. There are a lot of pretty good teams that could make the tournament this year, but also some good ones that could totally miss.

Here are the four teams that should be in:

1. Syracuse is a pretty good team each year. They usually make the tournament at a pretty good seed, though this year there are a bubble team. Syracuse lost to Duke last weekend without Zion Williamson and will now travel to Chapel Hill to play a red-hot North Carolina. Syracuse is going to have to do some magic to make it into the tournament. They should get in, but they have to win some at the end of the stretch.

 2. Villanova has been really good the past couple years and won a championship a couple years ago. Villanova has not been itself lately and is looking at a 6 seed this year.

3. Auburn is also a team that should get into the tournament. Though Auburn started out great in the beginning of the season, they took some bad losses towards the middle of the season. The Tigers are 2-6 against SEC teams that are locked in to be in the tournament. Auburn is projected to be around an 8 seed, but, if they win out, they could land at a higher seed.

4. Mississippi State is on the bubble and is generally an average basketball team every year. The Bulldogs are on a four game win streak, and they are projected to be seed 7 in the tournament if they can win out.

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