2017-2018 Staff

Oliver Antone

Video Editor, Writer

Oliver Antone is a senior at JPII, entering his third year as a writer and video editor for the Herald. Apart from saving orphan wolves, fighting forest fires, living the life of the Apache Tribe, being a sidekick to Batman, and...

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Katy Beth Boyers


Katy Beth Boyers is a senior who is enjoying her final year as a part of The Herald on the Hill. She has been writing articles, making videos, and editing for the past three years. As a result, she hopes to become a journalist...

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Holden Carter


Holden Carter was born in Nashville on December 13, 1998, and has lived here all of his life. He is a senior and a graduate of St. Henry’s School in Davidson County. He wants to become a journalist and enjoys writing about...

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Ethan Ingram


Ethan Ingram was born on August 13, 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a senior at Pope John Paul II high school. This is his first and last year as a member of the Herald on the Hill’s staff, in which he holds the position ...

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Cade Smith


Cade Smith, a senior at Pope John Paul II High School, is excited to start his second year working on The Herald on the Hill. He is a kinda iffy student, but you know his heart is in the right place. In his spare time, he enjoys...

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Kodong Ajak


Kodong Ajak is a senior at Pope John Paul High School. She is 17 years old. She was originally from Africa, but came to America at the age of two. Her hobbies are cooking, shopping, traveling, and hanging out with friends. For m...

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Kyle Anthony


Kyle Anthony is a senior at JPII, and beginning his first year as a journalist for The Herald on the Hill. Kyle enjoys writing satires about current events in and out of the school. He also has an interest in creating podcast...

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Kellen Barham


Kellen Barham is a senior at Pope John Paul II. This is his first year as a writer for “The Herald on the Hill.” Kellen is looking forward to attempt to write satire for The Herald on the Hill. He prides himself in his academ...

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Garrett Bennett


Garrett Bennett was born in Nashville, Tennessee on August 18, 2000. He has lived in Tennessee all his life, moving around to multiple cities, but has lived in Hendersonville for 12 years. Garrett is in his senior year at Pope J...

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Dino Derivera


Dino Derivera, a senior at JP2, is a new writer for the Herald on the Hill. In his free time, he enjoys listening to NPR Politics Podcasts, watching sports, and watching movies. Dino is involved in many extracurriculars such a...

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Mitchell Dorr


Mitchell Dorr, a senior at JPII, is beginning his second year as a journalist for The Herald on the Hill. A member of the JPII track and field team, Mitchell throws discus and shot put. Outside of school his favorite activities...

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Jack Hall


Jack Hall is a writer for JPII's Herald On The Hill. Jack is a senior this year and is very excited to show his new ideas for the school newspaper. Jack really enjoys both writing and play instruments such as guitar and piano....

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Taw Owens


Taw Owens is a senior at JP2, and is starting his first year writing for The Herald on the Hill. Taw finds interest in film and cinematography, hoping to major in Film in college. Outside of school Taw enjoys hanging out with fri...

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London Sonnier


London Sonnier is a current senior at JPII, and was born on October 31, 1999 in Nashville, TN. Sonnier is most well known at JPII by his accomplishments in the weight room from freshman year and forward setting his standards h...

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Nicholas Zanger


Nicholas Zanger is a new writer for the Herald. This senior was born on December 10th, 1999, and plays football and soccer. He is a sports fanatic, knowing the most about soccer, football and basketball, but has a general knowledge abo...

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Trey Dorsey


Trey Dorsey, a junior, had been looking at going to Pope since fourth grade, when he heard about it from a family friend that put two of their children through the school. He has been is Boy Scouts since first grade, and is worki...

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Tessa Herzer


Tessa is entering her first year for the Herald.  Tessa has produced some videos such as a video on the JPII Forensics Team and has also helped out with the filming of the football games for Knights Sports Network. Tessa is also...

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Jack Julow


Jack Julow is a junior at Pope John Paul II and is a news anchor on KnightsTV. When Jack is not asking his teachers for extensions, you can see him in the Online Media class working hard on the next big project and bringing t...

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Annabelle Callister


Annabelle Callister is a sophomore at JPII and it’s her first year in Herald on the Hill. She was born in Manhattan, and moved to New Jersey two or three years after she was born. She moved to Hendersonville, TN when she was...

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Chris Geist


Chris Geist is a sophomore at JPII, and it's his first year in the Herald on the Hill. He was born in Nashville TN and is stuck in the middle of a full family of an older brother, an older sister, a younger sister, and a younger...

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Charlie Singleton


Charlie Singleton is a sophomore attending Pope John Paul II High School. He is very interested in the arts such as, drawing, music, and writing. He writes articles and records podcasts on different bands in his 4th period class, ...

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Chae Won Kim


Chae Won Kim is a 16 year-old freshman, born in Incheon, Korea and came to Hendersonville, Tennessee in August 1st 2017. Chae won likes to play game and spend time with friends and family. She is energetic, and in her free ti...

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