Annabelle Callister
Annabelle Callister is a sophomore at JPII and it’s her first year in Herald on the Hill. She was born in Manhattan, and moved to New Jersey two or three years after she was born. She moved to Hendersonville, TN when she was five or six years old. Her preschool was Saint John Vianney. Her elementary school was Indian Lake. Her middle school was Ellis, and now she goes to JPII. At Ellis, her mom was her 7th grade math teacher. She has an overflowing, big, loving family. She has no sisters, but she has three brothers: Ethan, Grant, and Caleb. Caleb is a sad private matter that her parents don’t want her to share. She is a big rule follower. She used to have a puppy, and some goldfish, but she doesn’t have any pets currently. She has a passion for music, acting, and writing. Her deepest passion is music. Her favorite sport is basketball. She used to be on Parks Hendersonville basketball team and briefly the JPII basketball team. She was on a soccer team that her dad coached when she was very little. She did cross country at Ellis in 7th and 8th grade, and track at JPII freshman year. She was in musical theatre when she was in elementary school, and was in the plays “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”, and “Sideshow”. She was in the plays, “Aladdin” and “Alice and Wonderland” at Ellis. In 9th grade, she got a small part in Anne Frank, but backed out due to focusing on her studies. She sings and plays guitar, piano, and drums with a passion. She took piano lessons in New Jersey when she was three years old. Three years ago she started taking piano lessons in Hendersonville, TN, and she is still taking lessons. Anytime she is not doing music, you can find her doing school work or writing. She loves acting, but her top passions are music and writing. She made it into Bella Voce, one of the two top choirs at JPII for sophomore year. Standard math does not fit with choir in her schedule, so she is taking honors geometry. She is not very good at math, but honors geometry is the only class that makes choir fit. She is motivated to stay in Bella Voce by honors geometry, and her mom who is a 7th grade math teacher. The only subjects she excels in are music and English. She loves to write songs, because it ties in both of her passions. She has written 9 songs so far, and continues to write them. Her YouTube channel is Annabelle Sings, and her channel has one video up so far. Her first video is one of her originals, “All Alone”. Her Instagram is @annabellesings1. She is very blessed to be going to JPII, and she hopes to impress everyone with her work in The Herald on the Hill.

Annabelle Callister, Writer

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