Armin Charkhkar
Armin Charkhkar is currently a junior at JPII, and he is a part of the online media class. Armin initially developed interest from fellow classmate Charlie Singleton last year, who told Armin he should join and work with Charlie; however, Charlie is not in the class this year. Armin misses you. Come back, Charlie. Aside from that heartbreaking topic, Armin is fascinated with doing podcasts, possible interviews, sports reviews, as well as music reviews. Despite Armin’s online media interests, he also enjoys raging during rounds of golf, sleeping, gasping for air during soccer conditioning, doing countless hours of homework, joyfully studying for the ACT, and eating. Armin is excited for the upcoming year with the online media team, and he hopes to improve the online media class and have a good time.

Armin Charkhkar, Writer

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