Ethan Ingram
Ethan Ingram was born on August 13, 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a senior at Pope John Paul II high school. This is his first and last year as a member of the Herald on the Hill’s staff, in which he holds the position of editor. He prides himself in his well-rounded academic ability and participation in numerous extracurricular activities that contribute to his aforementioned well-roundedness. Among these extracurriculars, are his membership on the College Model UN team, golf team, and Boy Scouts of America Troop Six, in which he is the only Eagle Scout with a Bronze Palm. In his free time, Ethan likes to read books on a wide variety of topics, including historical nonfiction, fiction, and foreign policy analysis. He also enjoys to travel, and in his 18 years of life has been to almost every state in the country as well as Canada and the Bahamas, in which he has toured the natural wonders that they offer. These travels have led Ethan to develop a profound love for his country as he has become fascinated in the different ways people think and live depending on the area in which they live. Ethan also possesses a massive love of history and politics, in which he loves to make make connections between historical issues and current political dilemmas, which aids him in seeing the roots of a current issue. One day, Ethan hopes working in governmental fields, with an FBI special agent, UN ambassador, or Federal Park Ranger being among his top priorities. To keep up with Ethan’s life, follow him on Instagram @blitznation99 or on snapchat at blitz3r99.

Ethan Ingram, Editor

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