Jake Fischer
Although senior Jake Fischer was born in raised in Nashville, Tennessee, a primarily rural area, he has always loved the city and spends most of his time there exploring all of the streets, sights, and smells that the compact playground has to offer. While Jake is very patriotic and stays fondly proud of his city and state, he hopes to one day move to Seattle, Washington. But one thing that will always remain inside of Jake is that he values his country and her core values above all.

In his time at JPII, Jake has played on the golf team, hockey team, and has become a senior leader of the Model United Nations Team (MUN). Hockey, Golf, and the MUN team have all allowed him to travel to various states, cities, and countries, showing him that there is no place better than The United States. Fischer also interns at law firms across downtown Nashville, hoping that it will someday allow him to become an astounding lawyer capable of making change. Jake is not only a fan of sports and politics he is also a major music fan who favors bands such as Moon Taxi and The Black Keys.

Keep up with Jake and his political fueled life by following him on Twitter @jake_fischer_22, on Instagram @jake.fischer22, or email him with any

Jake Fischer, Writer

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