Kellen Barham
Kellen Barham is a senior at Pope John Paul II. This is his first year as a writer for “The Herald on the Hill.” Kellen is looking forward to attempt to write satire for The Herald on the Hill. He prides himself in his academic work trying to become a “Renaissance man.” In his extracurricular activities, he enjoys doing homework and working on his Anatomy project with his pal Oliver Antone. Kellen played football for three years for the Knights, retiring his senior year to spend more time with his family. When Kellen is not at school, he enjoys curling up with his laptop watching netflix, playing a hardcore game of chess, and coming up with jokes to tell his favorite friends. Also, he enjoys hassling Mr. Patton.

His favorite food consists of anything meat related. He really enjoys dinosaur chicken nuggets, hot pockets, and mini corn dogs. Kellen considers himself really cultured due to his food tastes. Kellen can chow down on Lo Mein, Supremos Nachos, and the delectable Honada Roll. Kellen just enjoys great food.

Kellen Barham, Writer

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