London Sonnier
London Sonnier is a current senior at JPII, and was born on October 31, 1999 in Nashville, TN. Sonnier is most well known at JPII by his accomplishments in the weight room from freshman year and forward setting his standards high to break the currents squat record of 625 lbs held by one of the alumni. At the end of his Junior year, he sets up his own squat record of 600 lbs leaving him only 25 lbs off with still a year left in high school. He plays football for the school with the number 65, Sonnier has had this number since 3rd grade and wears it with pride due to his uncle previously having the number in the family. If you know Sonnier, there will be two key features about him that will stick out: he is most likely to be one of the most patriotic people you will ever meet, and that he is extremely passionate about his truck. If you are ever looking for him, just look for the Dodge Ram with a big ole’ American flag flying on the back of his truck. Sonnier enjoys his time driving around, working on his truck, hanging with his friends, and talking about cars or trucks. As he is beginning his journey towards college, Sonnier says that he plans on majoring in both mechanical engineering and business and minoring in electrical engineering. This will set him up towards his future plans of owning his own business in custom automotive work. If you would like to learn more about Sonnier or see how he succeeds in the years to come, you can find him on instagram @Sonnier.65 or snapchat @Just4LFS.

London Sonnier, Writer

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