Oliver Antone
Oliver Antone is a senior at JPII, entering his third year as a writer and video editor for the Herald. Apart from saving orphan wolves, fighting forest fires, living the life of the Apache Tribe, being a sidekick to Batman, and being a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist for underwater basket weaving and curling; Oliver runs the JPII livestream, participates in theater, doing Model UN, and being Vice President of the defending House Cup Champion, House of Gregory. Oliver also directed “Good Mr. Wallace,” as well as its sequel “What Next, Mr. Wallace?” and the short series “The Hooligans.” Well known for his arson charges during his sophomore year, Oliver writes a variety of articles for the Herald, as well as producing the news broadcast and “The Hill.” He is also the number one ghost hunter for the class after conquering the Popergeist, as well as successfully taking over Mr. Mauthe’s classes once the teacher had been accidentally and totally unintentionally locked on the roof (source: Oliver Antone and Jack Palen’s lawyers), proving the existence of rock god Mark Crowley, and successfully creating a cult around “March Fourth.” Oliver is excited for his third and final year, and there is much to come. And submarine. He is a submarine.

Oliver Antone, Video Editor, Writer

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