Trey Dorsey
Trey Dorsey, a junior, had been looking at going to Pope since fourth grade, when he heard about it from a family friend that put two of their children through the school. He has been is Boy Scouts since first grade, and is working towards his Eagle Scout rank. When he walked into the school for one of the informational nights, he was approached by head football coach Justin Geisinger. He was asked if he was going to play football his freshman year. While he had never played football before, he thought about it and talked it over with family and friends. He knew that it would be hard physically and mentally. He told Coach Geis that Scouts came first and that if football got in the way of making Eagle he would quit playing until he made Eagle Scout.

During what little free time he gets he likes to go camping and fishing. Trey is currently a member of Venturing Crew 223 in Clarksville TN. He loves to go camping with friends and family. He also likes to practice his skills with fire making, shooting, building shelters outside, and tinkering with cars.

Trey Dorsey, Writer

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