Teachers Discuss Scary Movies To Watch for Halloween

Sydney Sabash, Writer

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October is the month where it starts to get colder, stores put up advertisements for jumbo candy packs, and you start to see pumpkins everywhere; Halloween is coming. Classic and scary movies start playing on TV, and ads for costume stores and haunted houses plague radio stations.

Maybe there aren’t too many good scary movies that come to mind when you think of Halloween, but a few JPII teachers have picked their favorite classic Halloween movies to share with you.

Mr. Patton said John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas” are his two favorite movies to watch around Halloween.

Mrs. Mayberry and Mrs. Payne agreed “Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin” is their favorite because they both grew up watching it. It’s fun, not scary, and to them it is one of the few Halloween movies that has meaning.

Mrs. Peper is not a big fan of scary things, but “Young Frankenstein” is her favorite because it’s “very corny” and not scary at all.

Coach Page saw “Friday the 13th” once in college and said, “It scared me silly.”

Mrs. Staley’s favorite scary movie is “Hocus Pocus” because it’s not very scary but “it’s still good.”

Other scary movies that might interest you are “Scream,” “Saw,” “The Ring,” “The Conjuring,” “Insidious,” “Mama,” and “As Above So Below.” New horror movies are being produced all the time, so you can never use the excuse that “There are no good movies to watch!” Grab some friends and excessive bowls of popcorn and candy, and have a scary movie night. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be!

Happy Halloween!

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