Alice Was Confident

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Alice Was Confident

Abby Mysinger, 2016 Poetry Contest winner

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Alice Was Confident


Farther, she fell down the rabbit hole.

With the wind torrents blowing her hair in the wind

But scream, she did not.

She fell, lower and lower into the tunnel

Confident, expectant that she would meet her due.


Farther, she fell down the hole.

Looking up, she saw nothing she missed;

Looking down, she saw everything she thought she wanted

She had always been told to keep her head down though…

She closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride.


Further, she fell down.

She began to wonder how she could possibly keep falling

It seemed that she was digging this hole herself-

No one had fallen this far.

She became weary, closing her eyes to the endless new world.


Further, she fell.

Opening her eyes, she started to notice,

The world below always became the world above.

The farther she fell, the more she was disappointed.

None of it was new. It was all the same.


She fell.

Her face fell.

Her hopes fell.

Her confidence was shot.

She missed the world she left behind.

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