Inspirational Instagram

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Inspirational Instagram

Katy Beth Boyers, Editor

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In this day and age, with all of the negativity and stress that we all deal with, we need motivation and inspiration to keep going and to stay positive.

Now the question that people may ask is “Where can you find that motivation and inspiration?”

The answer is: ANYWHERE!

You can find inspiration by looking outside or on your phone!

There are many accounts on social media that provide many positive quotes and motivation for those that need some positivity and motivation in their lives.

Instagram has a lot of accounts that provide many quotes that are motivational and positive.

Instead of filling your feed with politics and negativity, you should fill your feed with positivity and inspiration! It can really help brighten your mood and give you some motivation to get through the week.

One example of an inspirational social media account is Live in the Details. Live in the Details is an inspirational blog aimed more to women in need of inspiration or motivation. Each post also includes a blog relating to the post and the monthly theme. This February’s theme in Live in the Details is “Courageous Hearts,” so the blogs during that month will follow that theme. Live in the Details is a bright and lovely account that I recommend women should follow.

If you are looking for just some quotes to help you through the week, there are many accounts like “Words of the Wise” that include many motivational quotes.
The infographic below lists 5 great examples of “Inspirational Instagram.”

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