Top 5 Things To Watch Right Now on Knights TV

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Top 5 Things To Watch Right Now on Knights TV

Jack Julow, Writer

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The Herald On The Hill is not only a news source, but it also has a YouTube channel with an impressive collection of content. KnightsTV has student spotlights, a regular news broadcast, funny satirical shorts, and several short films. Here are five videos that every person should watch.

“Hooligans” is the new ongoing webseries from Oliver Antne, the creator of the “Good Mr. Wallace” trilogy. The series tells a wild story that takes José back in time to do a history report on the Russian Revolution, with the aid Bella and Sweeps, the school janitor. “Hooligans” features visual effects that take you to Bolshevik Revolution. Educational and entertaining, “Hooligans” should be added to your watchlist. (

“Good Mr. Wallace” is the first short film produced by the Herald and is a must-watch. Directed by Oliver Antone, it tells the  story of a new student entering a theatre family with the aid of a helpful teacher. Featuring a heartwarming tale and irreverent humor, this short film is a must-see for all the people who read the Herald. (

“An In-Depth Analysis of The Backpack” is a satirical short that mcks documentary making by ridiculing a backpack. Part of a series, these videos hilariously ridicule the everyday objects that students are forced to use. If you need some light-hearted humor, I would definitely recommend checking the video out. (

“JPII Weekly Update – 11/20/17” is one of our weekly news videos, but it has the best “Alex On The Streets” short to accompany it. Genuinely hilarious, it features the secret band composed of three teachers with similar names from the Theology Department. Alex stumbles across this secret band while trying to find out what teachers do after school, and humor ensues. (

“Power Trip” is the latest short film to come from the Herald On The Hill team. In the short film, Alex, an immature millennial, moves into a new house that suffers from old wiring as something inside haunts Alex.

Make sure to check out all of these video on our YouTube channel and do not forget to subscribe.


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