Five Special Items Available at This Weekend’s Gala

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Five Special Items Available at This Weekend’s Gala

Kellen Barham, Writer

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The annual gala is one of JPII’s largest fundraisers, as parents, teachers, and other members of the school community gather each year to bid on the numerous items available for auction. This year’s gala, which will take place this Saturday night, will feature some unique opportunities. Below are some of the highlights, so prepare to bid early and often.

  • Premium Student Parking Spot – The premium student parking spot is always a hot item, and this year will be no different, as the school recently announced that the lucky winner would receive a spot right by the Pope statue in the courtyard.
  • Pope’s Ski Jacket – In order to have a space to permanently host the Bishop’s Cup, administrators have decided to auction off our school’s prized possession. It’s gently used, but it looks warm.
  • Parking Lot Security Footage – If you’ve ever wondered what kids are doing in the school parking lot after school, now you have a chance. The high bidder here will be able to see kids tossing footballs and hanging out by their cars as Mr. Mauthe walks around listening to podcasts.
  • The Last Hall Pass on Campus – While our hall passes did not seem to last very long before mostly disappearing within the first month of school, there is actually one remaining. This hall pass, currently found in Mr. Patton’s room, is a foxy picture of Selena Gomez with “HALL PASS” written on it.
  • Two Basset Hounds – If you need something cute and fluffy in your life, try bidding on this pair of basset hounds. (By the way, don’t tell Mr. Saboe about your recent purchase, because he recently lost a couple of basset hounds. No connection. Just a coincidence.)

Other popular items this year include the Film Club’s DV-R collection of pirated movies and a broken chair that Golden Tate “probably sat in at some point, we assume.” Remember, all bids support a worthy cause. Good luck!

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