Is Mr. Mauthe’s Classroom Haunted?

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Is Mr. Mauthe’s Classroom Haunted?

Trey Dorsey, Writer

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Since Halloween, students have been complaining that the baby doll in Mr. Mauthe’s room has been moving every class period and making strange noises. With the new addition of Eddie the raven, named after poet Edgar Allan Poe, some strange things have been going on lately.


Before Eddie was in the room, the scary baby doll would move around the room to a variety of places, such as hanging from the projector or sitting on top of the clock. It was even spotted climbing on the ceiling. After Eddie moved into Mr. Mauthe’s room, crazy things have been happening.


On Wednesday Oct. 31, 2018, students came to school like every other normal day of the year. However, students in Mr. Mauthe’s English class were shocked to see that the room was a mess, the baby doll had somehow gotten a plastic knife, and Eddie had managed to find a twig to use as a bowstaff.


One student of Mr. Mauthe stated that she “left a normal room but came back the next day to a room so trashed that there was no way janitors could clean it before classes started that day.”


Another student said that she “didn’t feel safe in Mr. Mauthe’s room anymore.”


Upon asking Mr. Mauthe what he had to say about the strange things going on in his room, he replied, “I know that everyone thinks that I am trying to be funny and pretend that I am not moving the baby doll around, but I am not. That thing has a mind of its own. I don’t know where that weird bird came from either. It told me that I better call it Eddie or it would beat me up.”


Many have started to think that the baby doll and Eddie are moving around the room because of a cursed play that the senior class is reading. Whether Mr. Mauthe’s room is truly haunted or not is for you to decide. 

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